DMT is developing comprehensive and scalable channels to build Africa's largest genomic databank.


Our proprietary software will be used to unlock insights on the genomic data that can be used for the benefit of all Africans by supporting personalised healthcare and drug development for various diseases.


DMT and Tuberculosis

There is a critical need to better treat tuberculosis in Africa. We are building intelligent software that uses accessible smartphone technology for the identification and treatment of drug-resistant microbial strains of TB.

COVID-19 response

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had unprecedented effects on countries health systems and halted the global economy. Africa, in particular, has limited healthcare capacity to absorb the pandemic. 

We aim to provide

  • Equipment and capacity building to conduct diagnostic testing and genomic sequencing for COVID-19 in Southern Africa.

  • Intelligent software that can develop insights on the extent of the spread of the virus.